Domino effect reduces injury

Domino effect reduces injury

The Four Lines Modernisation (4LM) Low Voltage Alternating Current (LVAC) team are greatly reducing the risk of injury by using a specialist staircrawler for carrying heavy or large items up stairs or over uneven terrain.

Colleagues are no longer required to manually push the LVAC panels to the Signal Equipment Rooms (SERs). The item is simply placed on a platform that forms part of the Zonzini Domino Staircrawler. The platform self-levels as it climbs the stairs to keep the panel upright or at the most stable position for the weight distribution for the unit. It can also be fully automated so that the operator needn’t intervene at any point.

Nathan Campbell, LU Assistant Project Manager, said: “The introduction of the Zonzini has provided a more efficient method of installation and has substantially reduced the potential risk of injury to our installation contractors. Given its self-levelling capabilities and adaptability to various surroundings, the Zonzini will now be the preferred method of install for all of the future LVAC panels.”

Danny Byrne, Delivery Manager at our supplier VVB, added: “The Zonzini has outperformed our existing stair climbing equipment in both safety performance and ease of installation. Due to the recent successes, VVB will use the Zonzini for all future panel deliveries on the LVAC Project and also for UPS deliveries on other LU projects.”

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